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KOMPLEK BUMI DIRGANTARA PERMAI, Jl. Hercules Blok J1 No. 10, Bekasi
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Manufacture: KWF Sci-tech Development Co., Ltd
ISO 9001: 2000

Model : YLS series ( Similar with SPAD 502 )

Product introduction
Can measure the Chlorophyll content of plants immediately. LCD show the results. Chlorophyll content and leaf nitrogen content has a very close relationship .The meter is conductive to impose reasonable nitrogen and improve the utilization of nitrogen. So this purpose can be to protect the environment, especially water resources, rather than using too much nitrogen fertilizers.

Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in all green plants and is essential for photosynthesis.
Efficient use of nitrogen ( N) fertilizer is important to economical agriculture production and to the quality of ground and surface waters. The chlorophyll meter is a good way to testing for N.

-Measurement all kinds of plant leaves
-Area measurement : Ø 10mm
-Measuring mode : 2-wavelength concentration difference of optical methods
-Sensors : Silicon semiconductor photodiode
-Measured value : liquid-crystal Display: 3-digit LCD ; measurement Frequency: 2-digit LCD
-Measuring Range : 99.9
-Memory capacity : 30 Groups , automatically calculate and show the average.

ON to open the power and OFF to close the power
AVG ( average) button: Calculate the average of the data memory
DEL ( to remove all data) button: Clear all the data memory of instrument
DISP ( display) button: Display data storage memory of instrument
MEAS ( measurement) button: Press MEAS key then the instruments will be measured

-Power: Two units of NO.5 AA alkaline manganese batteries or carbon - zinc battery
-Battery life: Each of two batteries can be maintained more than 20, 000 operations
-Dimensions : ( L x W x H) : 155mm x 70mm x 42mm
-Weight : 320 grams ( excluding batteries)
-Precision : Less than plus or minus 1.0 SPAD
-Repeat : Less than plus or minus 5.0 SPAD
-Temperature of testing : 0° C to 50° C
-Storage range : -22° C to 50° C
-Time for testing : Less than 2s
-Testing Area : Diameter less than 3mm

Warranty : 12 months All Spare part

Pemegang LOA ( Letter Of Authorizes ) tunggal untuk product KWF Sci-Development Co., Ltd di Indonesia.